patience is a virtue

Cf. Disticha Catonis I. xxxviii. maxima enim..patientia virtus, patience is the greatest virtue; mid 14th-cent. Fr. patience est une grant vertu, patience is a great virtue.

1377 LANGLAND Piers Plowman B. xi. 370 Suffraunce [forbearance] is a souer-eygne vertue.

c 1386 CHAUCER Tale of Melibee 1. 1517 Pacience is a greet vertu of perfeccioun.

1594 LYLY Mother Bombie v. iii. Patience is a vertue, but pinching is worse than any vice!

1754 RICHARDSON Grandison II. xvii. Aunt Prue in Yorkshire..will be able to instruct you, that patience is a virtue; and that you ought not to be in haste to take a first offer, for fear you should not have a second.

1858 TROLLOPE Dr. Thorne I. xiv. That was only three days ago. Why don’t you..ferret her out?.. Patience is and always was a virtue.

1979 A. FOX Threat Warning Red iv. ‘I..can’t wait for you.’.. ‘Patience is and said to be a virtue?’

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